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Your interest in helping visual artists help themselves in the business of art is much appreciated. As the publisher of this content I am biased towards its value. Nevertheless, I believe the content provided is the best information, and precisely what artists need to succeed in business. I trust you will agree upon your review.

You will find useful information, links and other support items for this exclusive, unadvertised, bundled course offer. The bundle includes one-time payment with lifetime access to these courses:

Extra Bonus Content

In addition to the combination of the two above courses, students also get copies of:

  • The Zen of Selling Art - An e-book that is filled with easy-to-apply sales tips. The information is taken from the best advice I have given artists on selling art since 1988
  • How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints - "This e-book is a great resource. Any visual artist can use it to discover how to competitively price fine art giclée prints.” - Barry Glustoff, founder of Digital Arts Studio, a premier digital art printing company.
  • 10 Cardinal Rules of Art Pricing infographic - includes video with additional information and insight on each of the 10 Rules
  • How to Price Art - e-book with lots of useful suggestions for pricing art effectively and profitably
  • How to Sell Art to Luxury Buyers report - when selling original art you want to reach those buyers who have the income to make the purchase decisions easily. Knowing how to tap the luxury market is an invaluable asset to any artist.

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Members will be invited to join the private Facebook group. Membership gives them access to me and hundreds of artists who are also seeking to improve their art careers. I spend a lot of time in the group helping, answering questions and providing insights, information, and inspiration.

Membership in the Facebook group is included at no additional charge. Like all the other content in this bundle. Members enjoy lifetime access to the group and me. Many in the group feel the benefits they enjoy from the Facebook group are worth the full price for the course they bought. I'm proud of the sharing, helpful attitude of the members in the group.

Here is the promo video for the Art Business Mastery Encyclopedia course

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  1. To help artists succeed at the business of art
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  3. Both

The short answer is helping artists is at the core of what we do. Artists notoriously are right-brained with little interest in the business of art. They need help because, unfortunately, such tendencies lead to poor business practices that hamper making sales and enjoying success.

These courses and bonus content give artists the tools, information, and encouragement they need to employ best practices in their art businesses.

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Giving artists access to high-quality business information, practical advice and useful art pricing tools is the best way to help them make smart career decisions. I believe the bundled courses and bonuses described here serve that purpose. With your kind assistance, we can help artists make the most of their careers.