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Art Marketing Mastery Workshop

Giving artists mastery over their careers

Hi! Thanks for checking out the workshop. My name is Barney Davey. I publish useful art marketing tools, tips, and techniques for visual artists. They use my practical advice to find new buyers and sell more art.

How to Have a Happy, Successful Art Career!

It's safe to say most artists want their art to sell their art steadily and to receive recognition for it. Achieving such worthy goals puts you on the path to a happy, successful career.

I believe you can have the success you want. You will have a personal definition of what success means to you. When you set your mind to achieving what you want, and act on reliable training and use available support, that is how you make it happen. The information and inspiration you need are available to you here.

Five Reasons to Join the Art Marketing Mastery Workshop

  1. Comprehensive – a complete system so you can stop buying and learning new training
  2. Effective – best ways to find your ideal buyers and sell more art to them
  3. Evergreen – timeless system means no worries about missing the latest trendy thing
  4. Flexible – design your program to tap your unique strengths and shore up your weaknesses
  5. Community – access to hundreds of other artists in a helpful online support group led by art marketing expert, Barney Davey

Build Your Art Marketing System Your Way.
Get Support and Feedback!

You Got This

What if you had a practical system to sell your art and forecast your sales? One you built around your skills and needs. When you have methods you can rely on to get results, your art business gets easier. You have less stress, more time, and improving income. That's what I want for you.

Imagine those frustrating no sales dry spells were a thing of the past. That's what happens when you begin to identify and connect with to your top art buying prospects directly. Steady sales results give you a growing confidence in your career.

It's More Than Money and Confidence

By using systems you trust, you get better at managing them as time goes on. Your growing expertise gives you the added benefits of more time for your studio and family. Your increasing sales lead to greater awareness for your work and add to your legacy.

Use What You Need

There are more ideas and information in the course than you will use. Go through the lessons to help you figure out what will work for you. Asking for assistance is optional, but valuable. You can run your plans by me and others in the Facebook group to ask for feedback.

You Can Have the Success You Deserve!

I help artists find buyers, sell art and prosper. It’s been my mission for nearly 30 years. The course is the culmination of all I've learned and experienced in my career.

What would it mean to enjoy manageable, foreseeable art sales once and for all? How good would it feel to know you have a reliable system to sell your art? Steady sales are not a myth. They are the key to enjoying the rewards and recognition your work deserves.

  • An efficient marketing and sales system so you can put away cash flow worries.
  • A strategy to find and connect with to your top prospects, so you always have fresh leads.
  • A process to diversify how your art is sold so you are never reliant on a single distribution channel.

The Art Marketing Mastery Workshop is an Evergreen Success System for Artists

You will use all that you learn here for as long as you want to sell your art. We are not riding trends. You get a rock solid system built on sound principles that won't change. When you put into practice the knowledge you gain here your outcome is continuous improvement. As with your art making, your art marketing improves over time when you follow the steps in your journey to the success you deserve.

There Are Steps to Success for Every Artist

The course addresses each of the topics below in great detail. You will have the opportunity and time to work through each of them

  • Make Captivating Art - Aim to make art others want to buy. Enticing art empowers and eases your marketing efforts.
  • Identify Your Ideal Buyer - By focusing on tightly drawn target audiences, you don't waste time or money. You enjoy higher conversion rates while reducing advertising costs. Overall, aiming at ideal buyers makes selling your art more efficient.
  • Create Meaningful, Lasting Connections - Learn useful techniques to make genuine online and in-person connections. It is easier than you imagine when you follow tried and true formulas.
  • Build an Email List - Email marketing is king. Everything you need to know to own your list, your relationships, and the exclusive privilege to market to your contacts is included in the workshop..
  • Send Relevant Messages through Multiple Channels - Learn how to communicate on multiple channels. Tap the best ways to reach your audience where they hang out. Discover how to create and repurpose content, which greatly eases engaging your audience through diverse marketing and media channels.
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing - Learn how to use major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, so you can choose which will work best for you.
  • Turn Buyers into Collectors - You are in the perfect spot to teach buyers the value and fun of collecting art. Gaining repeat sales is your reward.
  • Develop A Referral Program - Asking for referrals is easy & fun when you use my tips on how to use small gifts to make asking for referrals a win-win for everyone. It works great!
  • Add More Distribution Channels - While selling to patrons directly is your primary sales, you will get practical advice on how to generate third party sales from galleries, publishers, licensors, agents, art consultants, and more.
  • Generate Consistent Results - Learning how develop a system to manage your marketing is the key to long-term success. When you focus all your marketing efforts on your goals, they create a synergy that enhances every component. As a result, you produce ongoing, predictable results with less stress.

Download My Brain!

Helping you reach your potential is the reason for this workshop.

This workshop is my best effort to download my 30 years of art marketing experience into your brain. I'm hoping if I teach you everything I know you can succeed and live your dreams.

This Is My Masterpiece!

I think of a masterpiece as a work where an artisan literally puts everything he or she knows into creating a monumental work. That is how I feel about the Art Marketing Mastery Workshop. You are getting decades of study and experience poured into this course. It comes to you with my best intentions. I want you to succeed and am confident you can. Everything you need to build an outstanding art business is right here. It's just a matter of how you use it. I'm here to encourage you.

Lifetime Access Means You Get to Revisit and Repurpose the Course Content

You get so much information I know you may only use the parts that work best for you. However you use this training, with lifetime access, it's yours to return to as often as you need. I believe return visits to the concepts presented here will payoff in ways hard to imagine now. You can keep coming back to learn more useful ways to help you sell you work. I encourage you to do so.

When You Get on the Right Path and Take the Right Actions You Will:

  • Sell All the Art You Make
  • Enjoy the Feeling of Confidence in Your Career
  • Stop Relying on Others for Your Sales and Success
  • Own Your Career Outcome and Your Distribution

How Do You Get Your Work to Market?

When broken down to the most basic level, there are only two ways you get to market:

  1. You sell your work to buyers directly.
  2. You contract with third parties, such as galleries, publishers, and agents to sell your artwork for you.

Aside from shows and fairs, most artists do too little of the first option. I think it's because they’d prefer to create art and avoid marketing it with personal involvement. They wish for and seek to get their sales from the latter option. especially galleries. It is easy to understand why some artists feel this way. That said, I know working toward direct patronage where you sell to clients directly can cause uncomfortable feelings when you think about how to do it.

But, giving in to those thoughts and feelings causes big problems. What you give up is costly and unnecessary. And the reality is your other options aren't all you hope they would be. Think about the effect these insights will have on your career.

Galleries Are Declining in Numbers and Influence

Thanks for So Many Great Years

There never were enough galleries to go around in the best of times. There is no chance physical galleries will start to grow in numbers. This as new artists continue to come into the marketplace. While there will always be room for top-tier retail galleries, it's unlikely artists today can build a sustainable career by selling through galleries exclusively.

It’s Not Free to Work with Galleries

This is important information to know about working with galleries:

  • It takes your time and money to market your work to galleries
  • You have significant expenses in inventory, framing, and shipping to support them, which multiplies as you add more.
  • You work on consignment and pay a hefty commission. Then you wait and hope for timely payment on a full-price sale.
  • You almost never get buyer contact information.
  • You have zero control over how your work gets sold and displayed.
  • Your contract can be canceled at any time with no recourse from you.
  • The potential total loss of inventory is always there because operating an art gallery is a risky business.

That's a whole lot to risk and much worry about so that you can avoid taking control of your career and marketing your art yourself. Nobody is saying taking control is easy. But, the above list indicates relying on galleries rarely fixes the big problem all artists face. That is, "How do I get my work to market, reliably? How do I turn making art into a fulfilling career?"

Social Media and Online Galleries Present Different Problems

It’s a challenge and beyond hard to steadily sell high-priced originals online. And, selling low-priced originals is pointless. Mass marketers can operate on slim margins because they can scale their operations. That is not possible for you. To earn a respectable living, you need decent margins. Making and shipping art with slim margins is like doing busy work. It's a losing proposition. You're always active, but you're working for less than minimum wage.

As with physical galleries, you pay a commission to online sellers. Some also don't share buyer info. The only way you get visitors who might buy your art is to invest in marketing to drive traffic to those sites because the site owners lack effective ways to showcase individual artists. You do the marketing for the site and pay commissions on top. Even worse, your competitors on the site benefit from your investment to drive traffic to the site.

As the saying goes, “Never build your farm on someone else’s land. Don’t be a digital sharecropper!” That's what happens when you rely on selling through social media. Plus, you have no control. Terms can change, and contracts can be broken without input from you. Advertising rates will increase. And, growing privacy concerns make social media a weaker long-term option. Plus, social media sites can lose favor fast due to circumstances you don't control and problems you didn't make.

I Love the Candor of Ivana's Testimonial!

Ivana's honest testimonial shows how she's had a breakthrough that will pay improving results from here. It's real and so refreshing compared to outrageous claims you see that you want to believe. You know what I mean. When you hear claims that are hard to believe. and your instincts sound alarms, listen to them.

Ivana is steadily building a system to market her art. She has a solid foundation. Her future looks bright. You might blast off, or you might take your time to grow into what you need to do. It's your choice, your career, and your pace to set.

Be like Ivana. Keep a positive attitude. Work on your priorities. Have realistic, achievable goals. Make steady progress by getting important things done. Soon enough you have a system delivering the results you want. It is an evolving solution meaning you will get better and more efficient as you progress.

"Hey Barney Davey, I wanted to share with you that I just made my highest priced direct sale ever to an art collector by applying all I have learned from your teachings. It was six months in the making from first meeting this art collector to this big purchase for his collection. Thank you for helping me learn how to profitably represent myself as an artist!! This is amazing!

I signed up for your class when I had been showing my work for years with few sales and I did not know what to do. I knew I needed a new approach. I had been struggling for years to figure out how to sell my art. Now I know how to find the right potential customers and how to cultivate the relationships. It is not quite enough income to quit my teaching job but I feel that I can develop my ability to sell my work further over time. THANK YOU!"

- Ivana George, Fine Artist and Art Teacher

I'm There With You and For You – Always!
We Discuss So Many Helpful Topics.

The Art Marketing Mastery Workshop is self-paced training. But, you are never alone. You have access to me and hundreds of other artists who are members of the private Facebook group. I answer every question asked. Recently, Facebook made it possible to add topics to comments. This gif image shows how extensive the growing range of searchable topics is for artists in the group.

Help in the Group Doesn't Expire

It doesn't matter whether your question is about your training or a real-world issue where you need an answer and help. You'll find you get what you need in this group. And, not just from me. Other artist members are very supportive and helpful to each other.

There are artists seeking help and advice from me and their colleagues in the group who finished the course years ago. You are welcome to tap my expertise as long as I can be of help to you.

New Lessons Are Sent Every Other Week – With 13 Lessons You'll Complete in 26 Weeks

You've lifetime access to the course materials and the private Facebook group. There is a lot to learn and it's spaced out to give you a week to study and a week to act between lessons. You may not incorporate every aspect of the training as you first study it. However you use it, the content will always be there for you, as will I.

It's not a race to finish. It's a quest for constant improvement and knowledge gain that will fuel your success. The components of the course help you set a path to follow. The insights you take from it and the support you get from me and your fellow artists light your path.

"Thank you Barney! I truly believe that when you open your soul to your passion the universe opens all its doors for you. That is what I find this course is doing. It's bringing forth all this positive energy thanks to you and how you are going about doing this. I'm so Grateful! I just had this incredible offer from someone where I would be using my art and interior design skills. And I know I have you to thank for that!"

- Cindy McLean, Fine Artist, Living & Working in Japan

Building an Email List Is a High Purpose that Delivers the Greatest Value

I won't b.s. you and say you can flip a switch and make building a viable list of happy buyers overnight. It’s a process. But, it is the most worthy and valuable thing you can do for your career overall. You go about methodically adding one buyer and prospect at a time. The cumulative effect is you get stronger and more in control of your business each time you bring a new one into your personal circle of influence.

Set List Building As Job #1

  • Make it your mission to start adding potential buyers to your list.
  • Determine to stay in frequent communication with those on it.
  • Segment your list so you talk to people in a way that matches where they are in their customer journey with you.
  • Communicate with established buyers, new buyers and prospective buyers differently is how you keep them interested and make them feel valued and understood.

You will learn how to do these thing and use affordable marketing automation tools in the workshop.

That’s it. Focus on doing these things. Make them the heart of your powerful, intentional, and effective marketing strategy. You’ll want to keep using third parties, such as galleries, publishers, online sites and so on, for as long as you need. But, it's invigorating to know every new prospective patron you add to your list, and every new sale you make to one of them puts you one step closer to becoming self-reliant and independent. It's the process of efficiently moving away from the third-party selling systems that hold back art careers.


Barney Davey’s Art Marketing Mastery course offers a wealth of practical, down to earth, no-nonsense knowledge about the nuts and bolts of marketing your art. This course can serve as the missing link between you, the schooled or self taught artist, and the elusive world of making a good living from your work.

Barney has organized the material in easy to navigate modules that make it easy to find and review the sessions as needed. The private Facebook group gives you a chance to get personal and up to date feedback and ideas from both Barney and the many artists who are taking his course.

There is so much to learn, absorb and implement and in the end our success depends on our own energy and enthusiasm along with the specific and repeated actions we choose to take.

While making a good living as an artist may mean embarking upon a road less travelled, Barney’s course can equip you with a well marked map backed up with excellent roadside assistance. ~ Jeffrey Dean

A Step at a Time Will Take You to Your Highest Goals!

There is a logical progression to each of the 10 steps. They are intended to overlap, interlock and strengthen eash other. As you complete each level, you get closer to perfecting an art marketing plan that will produce results for you now and for as long as you want to sell your art.

Owning Your Distribution As Your Primary Channel Is a Winner!

One of the best things about this training is that it does not rely on trendy stuff like the latest wrinkle in social media. Yes, you will learn to use what is available in social media, but you will never be put in a position of relying on social media, like Facebook, for example, to find buyers and sell your art.

Likewise, by completing this course and taking the prescribed actions, you will never find yourself at the mercy of third-party distributors of your work. That includes galleries, publishers, licensors, agents, and others who seek to profit from the sale of your work. You may want to use some third-party channels to get your work to market. Always make your direct sales your primary source of selling your artwork. This allows you to be very choosy about working with others.

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Class Curriculum

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Though I have been a practicing professional artist all of my life, I have the most pleasurable opportunity now to apply all of my efforts to being a full-time artist.

Though I have dealt with galleries, newspaper reporters, graphic design, and many necessary marketing endeavors for the past several decades on my own, I still recognized that Barney Davey's "Art Marketing Mastery Course" would add very important skills and knowledge to my repertoire.

The course has exceeded my expectations - it was (and continues to be) money well spent. The fact that one can revisit the topics, again and again, is very helpful, and the Facebook group is a wonderful ongoing helpful resource as well. ~ Kay Stratman

I came across Barney Davey in my countless hours of online research. I followed him for many months, listening to his videos and reading his books. I finally felt like I wasn’t in this journey alone. There was someone who is so willing to share what he knows, something that could not be done unless you have decades of expertise in the art field. I decided it was time I became serious about my intention, and invested in Barney’s Art Marketing Mastery Workshop.

I am still amazed at the abundance of relevant information, as if he tailored the program just for me. The videos and notes are clear and concise. Barney is very giving of himself, and I look forward to the weekly e-mails chock filled with more great stuff.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, Barney Davey is my go-to resource to focus and take things one step at a time. For anyone who is serious about learning how to make money with their art, you need to look no further than Barney Davey’s Art Marketing Mastery. I assure you, it will be just what you need. ~ Debbie Viola

As an artist and a businessman, I found that investing in Barney Davey's course one on one training was the wisest and most profitable business and personal decision I made in my career. ~ H B Barry Strasbourg-Thompson BFA.

Barney Davey is from the old school in that there are no shortcuts. Following your dreams takes plain old fashioned hard work! I am in his Art Marketing Mastery Workshop. I wish I had had access to this when I was in art school during the era of conceptual art. I sure was a square peg in a round hole. There was a strong push toward anything goes, a painter doing landscape was not cool! Nobody ever talked about marketing, or how to make a living as an artist.

Drawing on many years of experience in the marketing and art business, since 1988 Barney’s books, blogs, workshops, art marketing consulting, podcasts and more, have helped artists. In his Art Marketing Mastery Workshop Barney keeps it interesting by interspersing pertinent quotes, referencing helpful books, articles and internet resource.

Barney stays available on our Art Marketing Mastery Facebook page set up for the group, to comment and answer the prodigious questions posed by workshop members. It is an interactive group, with members also answering questions and making comments. I think it is a very supportive and valuable part of the course. Barney has put into this workshop his many years of experience in the Art Business, and honed out the best parts for participants, without breaking the bank.

If you are an artist who finds the making a living part of being an artist difficult, sometimes overwhelming, if not downright depressing, this course can help you. It is helping me. It lays out methods you can follow at your pace, and revisit as often as you like.

Besides the many individual sessions Barney has added relevant resources and ebooks to access as part of his program. He also adds extra things that can be accessed by group members that are always very helpful. Last but not least, Barney is very down to earth and approachable. I think I wasted a lot of time (25 or 30 years) wheel spinning and avoiding this very crucial part of a successful art career. Sign up! You’ll be glad you did! - Kay Stratman


  • Exclusive access to my complete advanced level art marketing information. It’s almost like you’re downloading my nearly 30-years of art marketing experience and wisdom directly into your brain so you can start using it immediately to begin selling your art and living your dream lifestyle.
  • Learn proven, easy-to-use techniques that remove the stress and guesswork of finding buyers and collectors who want your art.
  • Discover the best methods to find your ideal art buyers and sell directly to them.
  • Direct to patron sales immunize you from being burned by relying on outside sources you don't control. They minimize losses when your galleries close, Facebook fades, or 3rd-party channels shut you out.
  • Make “follow up sales” as much as ten times more profitable… and how to start locking in the process right away.
  • Learn a foolproof technique to boost sales — it’s a simple routine most artists ignore.
  • Independence. You get it by establishing a repeatable system that produces predictable results for your entire career. You can’t put a price tag on the contentment and security that comes from being truly independent.
  • Fellowship! Admission to the private Facebook group comprised of smart, ambitious artists who are eager to help each other grow their businesses. The help and support you get is priceless.

Your Instructor

Barney Davey
Barney Davey

Hi,I'm Barney Davey. If you are an artist, photographer, or work as an entrepreneur creative field, I can serve your efforts to create a prosperous career.

I launched a marketing and advertising business in my 20s and sold it to take a position as a senior account executive at a top trade magazine publishing and trade show exhibition company.

We served a variety of small business markets, including:

  • Artists, Galleries, Publishers & Picture Framing Retailers
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Agents
  • Life & Health Insurance Agents
  • Private Club Management & Operations
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Interior Design & Decorative Accessories

The exposure into how small businesses succeeded in such a wide range of industries was a fantastic learning experience. I use the wisdom and insights I gained to help artists and other small business entrepreneurs create profitable marketing systems.

Since 1988, thousands of artists have sought my advice for new ways to boost their careers. They trust my books, blog posts, workshops, online training, and consulting to help them get ahead.

Get 30 years of experience.

I began advising artists in 1988 when I joined Decor magazine and the Decor Expo trade shows as a marketing executive. The shows and magazine were most influential in the retail art business in their time.

Before its demise due to the internet, for 135 years, Decor was in the business of helping artists, galleries, and picture framers. At its peak, the Decor Expo Atlanta Show was ranked in the top 100 among more than 10,000 annual tradeshows produced in the U.S.

As a result of my attendance at more than 200 art tradeshows, I got to know many of the industry's most successful artists. Traveling to shows gave me a unique chance to observe their best marketing practices.

Experience pays off for my artist followers and me.

Now, I share my insights and experiences with thousands of artists. They use my knowledge and marketing savvy to find collectors, sell more art and operate a profitable business.

I am the author of six bestselling books on the business of art:

  • Straight Advice: How to Market Art Online
  • Guerrilla Marketing for Artists: How 100 Collectors Can Bulletproof Your Career
  • How to Sell Art to Interior Designers
  • The Zen of Selling Art
  • How to Profit from the Art Print Market
  • How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints

Five books in top ten shows my books' impact and staying power.

Five Art Marketing Books in top ten of Amazon Business of Art Best Sellers List

These books have an ongoing impact in the marketplace. Here is a recent screenshot from the Amazon Kindle "Business of Art" best sellers list. It shows five of my books listed in the top 10 all at the same time.

That is an extremely rare feat I'm proud to share with you. I trust seeing these results gives you confidence in my information. Since several of the books are years old, I believe it demonstrates the evergreen quality of the practical advice I provide for artists.

I have also produced and delivered hundreds of live workshops and online webinars for artists on art business and art marketing.

My articles have been published in The Artist’s Magazine, Art World News, Art Business News, Professional Artist, Bottom Line Personal, and Picture Framing Magazine. My How to Profit from the Art Print Market book was featured in the North Light Book Club. It is the book club for F+W Media, the parent company of The Artist’s Magazine.

I have been featured in, written for or worked with these industry leading media companies, and more.

As Seen In, Worked For, Contributed To

Artists Hone Their Art Marketing Skills with My Help.

I have produced and delivered hundreds of live workshops and online webinars for artists on art marketing.

You can get a clear idea of the marketing insights and industry knowledge I share by visiting my Art Marketing News blog. You’ll find more than 600 art business and marketing posts. Among art business blogs, it is ranked #1 by Art Business News.

I was honored to be interviewed by Bottom Line Personal. With a a 750,000 circulation it is one of the largest peronal finance and lifestyle publications on the planet.

I'm telling you these things because I want you to have confidence and enthusiasm that my advice can help steer you to a better career. I've devoted most of my business activities and all my passion towards helping artists for nearly 30 years.

I know the work I'm doing to help artists now is the best I've done. It's a happy marriage of passion, productivity, and purpose. My plans to offer more courses and relevant information for artists are just getting started and getting better all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now. There are 12 lessons. You get a new lesson every other week to give you adequate time to learn and take action. That means you can finish in 24 weeks or about six months. When you submit your lesson plan activity work for your final lesson you will have an option to stay in the program at a very low monthly maintenance fee. It will give you continued access to the private Facebook group, and all the course materials.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as maintain membership. See the question above for more details.
How Do I Join the Facebook Group?
You will receive an invite to join the group. If you don't receive it, you can submit a request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/artmarketingmasters/ Contact us if you have any problems.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. After 30 days, you can cancel at any time for any reason. You will keep access to any remaining available time on your current payment.


Choices and Actions make the difference.

If you are ready to choose success and act to take control of your career, this program will get you there.

In the clear light of day, you know the only way to achieve what you want for your career is through hard work. There aren't any silver bullets or secrets to selling art online that will magically turn your career into an overnight success.

That's tough talk, but you can handle it. I know without knowing you that you have overcome far bigger obstacles in your life than anything this course will require you to do. The only thing stopping you is you.

You want this! You got this!

You will start with a vision you design. It's your life and your career. You set the goals. Make them possible and doable. You will use the training you get here to turn those goals into realities. Dreams do come true.

It's not nearly as hard as you think. It's all about one step at a time. You will keep away the overwhelm that happens by loading your plate with too much and hurting your brain with impossible expectations.

Positive, steady small actions create unstoppable momentum.

The Grand Canyon was carved miles deep by wind and water over time. Your success is just like that. One small task leads to another. It's about using daily tasks as small wins to eventually create huge wins for you.

Are you ready to put yourself first and to work on an organized system designed to grow a profitable career? Then join the Art Marketing Mastery Workshop today. Let it be the best decision you make for your career. One that will lead to the profound satisfaction of selling your art on a steady basis.

How Does the Program Work?

Each step is a series of content in delivered in videos, PDF downloads, documents and more. Each new step is released every 14 days. That gives you adequate time to get through the course material before you tackle the next lesson.

You will have access to me in an open office hours concept every other Friday. You can contact me in the private Facebook group to get immediate answers to questions or help with the program. Additionally, I am in the group on a frequent basis to help members.

You can leave a comment or ask questions in the course comments section. I will answer them as quickly as possible.

How Much Does It Cost?

It's $175 per month for three months, $475 as a one-time payment, or 12 monthly payments of $49. After your final payment, you will have lifetime access to the course lessons and access to me via the Facebook group, open hours program and live hot seats.

Hot Seat Opportunities

Artists who want special help can request to work with me on a hot seat. We'll take whatever problem they are facing and deal with it on a live screen sharing meeting. The hot seats will be recorded and archived in the course materials.


There are 13 lessons delivered to you every other week. That means you can get through this program in as little as 26 weeks. But, don't worry, you have all the time you need to make full use of the content. That's because you will have lifetime access to your course content and your membership to the Facebook group.

Choose a Payment Plan That Works for You!

Want to talk about the training? Schedule a free no pressure information call. Go to bdavey.co/15min. Pick a time convenient for your schedule. Or, send me an email with your questions at [email protected]

Get started now!