Art Marketing 101

Start selling more art now. Learn the best ways how to build a prosperous art business.

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Art Marketing 101

Art Marketing 101
With Art Marketing 101, you get the perfect blend of skills, knowledge, and techniques to start making quick sales and getting new customers—without having a client list or fancy marketing tools. – Barney Davey

Welcome and thanks for your interest in the Art Marketing 101 course. The course teaches artists new ways to sell art and how to build a lasting, profitable art marketing system.

Awareness, Engagement and Sales Are the Lifeblood of Your Business

Our mission is to help you gain wisdom and learn the skills to:

  1. Create awareness and recognition for you and your art among potential buyers, and influencers.
  2. Connect with and engage your patrons, prospects, fans, and followers.
  3. Develop new and ongoing sales opportunities.

You will discover efficient methods to start selling your art with neither an email list nor a social media fan base. Of course, you want those things and we help you attain them after you begin creating cash flow without them. The confidence you gain from knowing you can sell your art will boost all other aspects of your art business.

In Art Marketing 101, you learn how to:

  • Create art that sells
  • Make your easiest and quickest sales first
  • Sell your art without a list or marketing software
  • Launch an ecommerce enabled website
  • Identify and connect with your ideal buyer prospects
  • Sell art at shows

”Hey Barney Davey, I wanted to share with you that I just made my highest priced direct sale ever to an art collector by applying all I have learned from your teachings. Thank you for helping me learn how to profitably represent myself as an artist This is amazing!” Ivana George

Let's sell some art

Why Making Easy Sales Comes First

A lot goes into building a smooth-running art marketing system. Some parts of the system are multifaceted and take time to get going and produce results. You will learn how to use those more complex parts in the 201 and 301 levels.

Because making money eases burdens all around is why we go there first with Art Marketing 101.

The Benefits You Get from the 101 Curriculum

The 101 course sections address immediate needs. They are designed to work together so you accomplish your primary art marketing tasks profitably.

"The 101 training gives you the perfect blend of skills, knowledge, and techniques to make quick sales and get new customers—without having a client list or fancy marketing tools."
– Barney Davey

We like, use, and recommend those fancy tools. However, because they take time to get rolling, we will get to them in later levels.

We want to get you started on making sales first. There is time later on to tackle more complex tools and techniques.

no tools required

No Tools Necessary

You don’t need a big, or for that matter, any size email list or marketing automation software to begin selling at shows and through your warm, local, natural, networked connections.

In Art Marketing 101, we’re focused on sales. That’s because we know getting sales boosts confidence, fattens wallets, and spreads optimism.

We seek a virtuous viral circle where things keep getting better for you.

How to Turn a Shoestring into a Pipeline!

I realize some readers might be on a shoestring. With sympathy from personal experience, I understand the problem and feel for you. The best way to fix being on a shoestring is to start making sales. You know there is nothing like cash flow to free things up in your life and your business.

Steady sales are the lifeline that turns a shoestring into a pipeline.

Though I have been a practicing professional artist all of my life, I have the most pleasurable opportunity now to apply all of my efforts to being a full time artist. Though I have dealt with galleries, newspaper reporters, graphic design, and many necessary marketing endeavors for the past several decades on my own, I still recognized that Barney Davey's "Art Marketing Course" would add very important skills and knowledge to my repertoire. The course has exceeded my expectations - it was (and continues to be) money well spent. The fact that one can revisit the topics again and again is very helpful, and the Facebook group is a wonderful ongoing helpful resource as well.

- Kay Stratman, Contemporary Artist

Class Curriculum

  Bonus Ebooks
Available in days
days after you enroll

Build on a Strong Foundation

With Art Marketing 101, you lay a strong foundation you will use to build an evergreen marketing system you can continue to use for as long as you want to sell your art.

Quick sales leading to ongoing sales success is how you will turn your minor investment in this training that will pay major dividends for years to come. Enjoying early cash flow will help you to self-fund your business and scale it up on a timeframe that works for you. And, because you own the process you keep control of it. No outside influences forcing changes and decisions against your best interest.

Additional Layers Add To and Strengthen Every Aspect of Your Art Business

Art Marketing 201 is where you learn how to multiply your initial sales success by building a list, automating and expanding your marketing, and getting work with galleries, publishers, and licensors. You'll learn to tap into social media for free and paid traffic.

In Art Marketing 301, you'll learn advanced marketing techniques and concepts to amplify your sales. You'll get training on how to have fun and engage your existing clientele to generate more sales and referrals from them. We'll work to integrate and systematize your business and marketing operations.

Professional Art Career Development Tools, Training and Advice

Art Marketing 101 is the first in a series designed to give you the tools and training you need do grow awareness and sell your art — and much more.

  • 101 - Build - Start earning - improve art sales skills, launch marketing systems
  • 201 - Multiply - Get organic and paid traffic patterns working - automate email and content marketing
  • 301 - Expand - Generate repeat sales and steady referrals - integrate business & marketing systems

The Art Marketing 201, and 301 courses are in final development and and will be released soon. When you join now you are guaranteed low charter rates and a bundle offer on both the 201 and 301 courses
Art Marketing 1-ON-1 is a private professional artist development coaching service.
Learn more at

What to Expect

Upon successful completion of the three courses, you will have a customized art marketing system. You will be set to generate steady, predictable sales. You will have all the fundamental building blocks needed for an art marketing system that will allow you to sustain a profitable art career for as long as you want to use it.

"Barney Davey’s Art Marketing Mastery course offers a wealth of practical, down to earth, no-nonsense knowledge about the nuts and bolts of marketing your art. This course can serve as the missing link between you, the schooled or self taught artist, and the elusive world of making a good living from your work."

- Jeffrey Dean, Sculptor

Your "Be the Boss" Bonuses

These bonuses are called "Be the Boss" because the goal of this training is to make you the boss of you and your business now and forever. The best way to be the boss as an artist is to control your distribution.

Somebody has to sell your art if you are going to succeed. When you or your employees are responsible for most of the sales of your artwork, you own the process. That is the most powerful way for you to build lasting, satisfying success.

Here Are Your "Be the Boss" bonuses

  • Art Business Mastery - basic business resources every artist needs
  • Private Facebook group - access to Barney Davey and hundreds of artists to help you
  • Zen of Selling Art ebook - full of tips you can use to help you sell your art more effectively
  • Guerrilla Marketing for Artists ebook - a master plan for building a successful art career
  • Art Marketing Checklist - a quick way to check on what's missing from your marketing mix
  • Guaranteed Low Charter Rates - pay low charter rates for Art Marketing 201, 301, and future courses in this series

These bonuses are specific to help you build an ongoing art business. They are included to supplement your training and maximize your results.

No Risk Guarantee

You Can’t Lose!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Let’s keep it simple. Your purchase comes with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you change your mind and don’t want to keep the course, you can request a refund inside of the first 30 days after you join. I will promptly and cheerfully, (Okay, I’ll probably have my sad-to-lose-you face on.), refund your full payment. No questions asked.

I trust you can see that I’m an open book who likes to teach at every opportunity. My mom was a school teacher, and I know teaching rubbed off on me. She also was an excellent artist. Her work hung in the St. Louis Art Museum for a spell. Being a widow with six kids to raise ended any chance she had for an art career. Mom gave me a love of art. In some ways, every time I help an artist I’m paying homage to her.

"I can highly recommend Barney's training to anyone who is interested in moving your art business forward. You will love the Facebook group with talented, supportive, fellow artists who share their experiences and bits of wisdom"

- Jana Kappeler, Abstract artist

Get My Masterpiece! Download My Brain!

Helping you reach your potential is my goal in working with you.

The Art Marketing courses are my best effort to download my 30 years of art marketing experience from my brain into yours. I'm betting if I teach you everything I know you can succeed and live your dreams.

This Is My Masterpiece!

I think of a masterpiece as a work where an artisan literally puts everything he or she knows into creating a monumental work. That is how I feel about the Art Marketing Couurses. You are getting decades of study and experience poured into this course. It comes to you with my best intentions. I want you to succeed and am confident you can. Everything you need to build an outstanding art business is right here. It's just a matter of how you use it. I'm here to encourage you.

With Lifetime Access to the Course, You Can Revisit As Often As You Like

You get so much information I know you may only use the parts that work best for you. However you use this training, with lifetime access, it's yours to return to as often as you need. I believe return visits to the concepts presented here will pay off in ways hard to imagine now. You can keep coming back to learn more useful ways to help you sell your work. I encourage you to do so.

When You Get on the Right Path and Take Action You Will:

  • Sell All the Art You Make
  • Enjoy the Feeling of Confidence in Your Career
  • Stop Relying on Others for Your Sales and Success
  • Own Your Career Outcome and Your Distribution


For now, (I may have to limit this in the future), when you join, you get to ask me and the hundreds of other artists questions about your business. I add every useful thread to an appropriate topic. There are more than 50 topics on a growing list. Many have a dozen more threads. A recent question was about how to price the use of an image on a church bulletin. I answered as did several artists with experience and knowledge. The result was helpful, actionable advice the artist could use right away. She got even more insight from the 14 discussion threads in the "Contacts" topic.

Your Instructor

Barney Davey
Barney Davey

Hi,I'm Barney Davey. If you are an artist, photographer, or work as an entrepreneur creative field, I can serve your efforts to create a prosperous career.

I launched a marketing and advertising business in my 20s and sold it to take a position as a senior account executive at a top trade magazine publishing and trade show exhibition company.

We served a variety of small business markets, including:

  • Artists, Galleries, Publishers & Picture Framing Retailers
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Agents
  • Life & Health Insurance Agents
  • Private Club Management & Operations
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Interior Design & Decorative Accessories

The exposure into how small businesses succeeded in such a wide range of industries was a fantastic learning experience. I use the wisdom and insights I gained to help artists and other small business entrepreneurs create profitable marketing systems.

Since 1988, thousands of artists have sought my advice for new ways to boost their careers. They trust my books, blog posts, workshops, online training, and consulting to help them get ahead.

Get 30 years of experience.

I began advising artists in 1988 when I joined Decor magazine and the Decor Expo trade shows as a marketing executive. The shows and magazine were most influential in the retail art business in their time.

Before its demise due to the internet, for 135 years, Decor was in the business of helping artists, galleries, and picture framers. At its peak, the Decor Expo Atlanta Show was ranked in the top 100 among more than 10,000 annual tradeshows produced in the U.S.

As a result of my attendance at more than 200 art tradeshows, I got to know many of the industry's most successful artists. Traveling to shows gave me a unique chance to observe their best marketing practices.

Experience pays off for my artist followers and me.

Now, I share my insights and experiences with thousands of artists. They use my knowledge and marketing savvy to find collectors, sell more art and operate a profitable business.

I am the author of six bestselling books on the business of art:

  • Straight Advice: How to Market Art Online
  • Guerrilla Marketing for Artists: How 100 Collectors Can Bulletproof Your Career
  • How to Sell Art to Interior Designers
  • The Zen of Selling Art
  • How to Profit from the Art Print Market
  • How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints

Five books in top ten shows my books' impact and staying power.

Five Art Marketing Books in top ten of Amazon Business of Art Best Sellers List

These books have an ongoing impact in the marketplace. Here is a recent screenshot from the Amazon Kindle "Business of Art" best sellers list. It shows five of my books listed in the top 10 all at the same time.

That is an extremely rare feat I'm proud to share with you. I trust seeing these results gives you confidence in my information. Since several of the books are years old, I believe it demonstrates the evergreen quality of the practical advice I provide for artists.

I have also produced and delivered hundreds of live workshops and online webinars for artists on art business and art marketing.

My articles have been published in The Artist’s Magazine, Art World News, Art Business News, Professional Artist, Bottom Line Personal, and Picture Framing Magazine. My How to Profit from the Art Print Market book was featured in the North Light Book Club. It is the book club for F+W Media, the parent company of The Artist’s Magazine.

I have been featured in, written for or worked with these industry leading media companies, and more.

As Seen In, Worked For, Contributed To

Artists Hone Their Art Marketing Skills with My Help.

I have produced and delivered hundreds of live workshops and online webinars for artists on art marketing.

You can get a clear idea of the marketing insights and industry knowledge I share by visiting my Art Marketing News blog. You’ll find more than 600 art business and marketing posts. Among art business blogs, it is ranked #1 by Art Business News.

I was honored to be interviewed by Bottom Line Personal. With a a 750,000 circulation it is one of the largest peronal finance and lifestyle publications on the planet.

I'm telling you these things because I want you to have confidence and enthusiasm that my advice can help steer you to a better career. I've devoted most of my business activities and all my passion towards helping artists for nearly 30 years.

I know the work I'm doing to help artists now is the best I've done. It's a happy marriage of passion, productivity, and purpose. My plans to offer more courses and relevant information for artists are just getting started and getting better all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now. There are 12 lessons. You get a new lesson every other week to give you adequate time to learn and take action. That means you can finish in 24 weeks or about six months. When you submit your lesson plan activity work for your final lesson you will have an option to stay in the program at a very low monthly maintenance fee. It will give you continued access to the private Facebook group, and all the course materials.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as maintain membership. See the question above for more details.
How Do I Join the Facebook Group?
You will receive an invite to join the group. If you don't receive it, you can submit a request to join here: Contact us if you have any problems.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. After 30 days, you can cancel at any time for any reason. You will keep access to any remaining available time on your current payment.