Five Modules of Personal Storytelling

  • Why We Love Stories: You’ll start by examining the benefits of using personal stories in business, so you can conceptualize and fully appreciate the profitable impact stories can make on your relationships with art buying patrons, prospects, and customers
  • The Different Types of Personal Stories: You’ll dive into the most popular personal story types, so you can choose the most important ones that will impact your business
  • Writing Your Story: You’ll love the story prompts and writing tips. You will use them to draft personal stories to begin using them to tell to others right away, no matter what situation you’re faced with
  • Tell Your Story: You’ll explore different methods for practicing and telling your stories, including how to tailor them to different audiences. That way you’re prepared to tell at least one story by the time you finish the course.
  • How to Start Using Your Stories: In this final module, you’ll recap the key points of the course and be guided through useful action planning. You’ll wrap up knowing exactly what you need to do next to start telling a variety of personal stories in your business.