The Trout Fishing Analogy

The Trout Fishing Analogy

Trout fishing analogy

If you are fishing for trout, you don’t use shark bait.

If you are serious about trout fishing, you get the right equipment that will give you the best chance to catch trout. You also research to find the best spots to go trout fishing. You study to learn the best techniques for fly casting and so forth.

Trout will never come to you.

You have to make it a point to go to them. To get good at trout fishing, you need practice. You need to study what trout like. You have to learn where you can find trout populations.

Through study and practice, you begin to understand what trout fish like and how they act. Do they like fast running water or slower streams? Are they hungrier at certain times of day? Do they swim close to the top of the water on sunny days?

Skills, knowledge and technique are keys to success

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of nuances and things you can learn about trout and trout fishing that will make you more successful at catching them.

The best fishermen put in many, many hours studying to become proficient. They make it their mission. They teach them themselves to think and act like trout.

Learn how to spend your time profitably

Without knowing who your best potential buyers and collectors are, you are wasting time casting about here and there with sketchy results. You have a limit of both time and money on what you can spend on finding customers.

To get the highest return on your investment, you need to learn as much as you can about your potential buyers. If you get as interested in learning about your customers as trout fishermen do about trout, you are going to have great success.

Direct Buying Customers Are Your Key to a Profitable, Stable Future.

Your most lucrative and best path to long-term success is selling directly to buyers and collectors. The only way to accomplish that is by knowing how to selectively target your top prospects. A refined customer avatar steers you to honing in on your highest value potential buyers. With it, you avoid wasting precious time and money