What is Email Marketing?

What Is Email Marketing

Expanding Your Art Career with Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most affordable and easy way to communicate directly with your prospects, partners, fans, and collectors. If you haven’t yet embraced the power of email marketing, there’s no better time than now to get started.

Begin building an email marketing subscriber list of patrons, fans, friends, and followers that you can communicate with on your own terms. To any small business, a responsive email marketing list is a tremendous, tangible bottom-line asset.

Email marketing is one component of internet marketing that includes online marketing through websites, blogging, social media, and an online presence. It replaces direct mail, to a degree, by communicating electronically via email mail as opposed to physical mail through the postal service.

You Can Make It Personal

Email marketing is one-to-one direct. You can sharpen your message to be specific to each contact. You send to people who joined your list to learn about your art and other interesting tidbits about you and your art career. Subscribing is not a half-hearted “Like.” They join and share their email address to receive information and communication from you.

Goes Straight to the Source

Emails go to inboxes directly. You don’t have third-parties, such as social media platforms, also in on your communication. This allows you to publish content that will educate, delight, inform, and entertain your readers. The goal is to extend the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST bond you need to sell them art when they are ready to buy.

You Own the Relationship, the Platform, and the Process

Email is your way of owning and controlling how you connect with your audience. Keep the control. With it, you can focus attention on your messages and your art. Over time, it will help you develop deeper and more meaningful connections to your art and you.

You Are Not Sending Enough Email

A common problem with many marketers is they email much less than necessary to get the best results. To put it indelicately, it’s not a “friend’s club” newsletter. It is a business operation. Better to err on the side of too much email than too little. It’s best to send just the right amount.


By sending emails frequently, you keep the top position in the mind of your customers for you and your art. For instance, your regular emails are your best tools for instant recognition. If you are a sculptor, it’s your name you want to come to mind first when they think of sculpture. It’s the reverse of the “Out of sight, out of mind” curse so many marketers face when they stop marketing.

Relationship Builder

Emailing on a steady, planned basis is how you will intensify your relationships, extend your “brand” or and improve your recognition. It helps to create an intimacy between your patrons, prospects, and buyers.