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There is a lot of material in this section. If you have time go through as much as possible. Many of the lessons are concise. Otherwise, schedule time every day to work on your lessons. I promise it's worth learning.

Email Marketing Secrets for Small Businesses Course

This section along with the following section make up your bonus course. I took the content from a generic course I created for small businesses on email marketing, including marketing automation, and modified it to make it specific for artists.

Email marketing because:

  • Build relationships with targeted patrons, buyers, and prospects.
  • You own the channel. Your list is your property. It has value. No one can take it from you, or come between you and your subscriber.
  • Private channel. Unlike social media where your messages are surrounded by compelling distractions, your email has no competition for the reader's attention.
  • High ROI. Your return on investment in email marketing will give the best, most profitable results of all your marketing channels.

Email marketing is a vast category.

It encompasses so many different aspects, it can be intimidating, especially in the early going. I’ll do my best to break it down, so you have a clear understanding of what email marketing is and how you can best use it to further your art career.

There are so many things to explain, which makes it difficult to know where to start. The same is true when you're trying to learn about it. For sure, it applies to me as an instructor wanting to teach you as much as I can about the topic without overwhelming you.

As with any good subject, you can go deep if you choose. We're not going to give grad level email marketing courses here. But you'll come away with more than enough knowledge to be able to begin to see how you can harness the power of email and make it work for you and your business.

The importance, power, and value of sharing resources.

I will tell you everything I can about email marketing for artists. And, I’ll link out some external content that is must read if you want to take mastering email marketing seriously.

No one knows it all. That is why I like to share my best resources relevant to the topic. You’ll see references and links to companies such as Digital Marketer, Convertkit, and others. The suggestions they offer are helpful, high-quality, and in the money.

Here are highlights of what you'll learn:

  • What is Email Marketing?
  • Why Email Marketing Is Important to Artists
  • The Tech Stuff
  • The Marketing Stuff
  • Where to Start
  • Building a List
  • Promotional Calendar
  • Creating Content
  • Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Needs Its Own Section

While Marketing Automation is primarily an advanced use of email marketing, it is complicated enough to require its own section in this training. It was not feasible to cram so much information on you at once in the Email Marketing for Artists section,

As a better solution, Marketing Automation lectures come in a separate section. You will have a full two weeks to concentrate on the knowledge and training for email marketing, and another two weeks for Marketing Automation for Artists. This way, you'll have the time to absorb the knowledge and get more value from each exercise.

Email Marketing for Artists - Where to Start Video