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  ​Expanding Your Art Career with Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most affordable and easy way to communicate directly with your prospects, partners, fans and collectors. If you haven’t yet embraced the power of email marketing, there’s no better time than now to get started.

Begin building an email marketing subscriber list of patrons, fans, friends and followers that you can communicate with on your own terms. To any small business, a responsive email marketing list is a tremendous, tangible bottom-line asset.

Successful Email Marketing for Artists Is Multifaceted

Because growing your list of contact email addresses is a critical component of your art career and email marketing success, we'll start with it. Capturing email addresses requires your ongoing attention. If you work to make it an ingrained daily habit, your list will grow fast. There are many opportunities for you to collect email addresses.

Your website, blog, newsletter, email signature and social media are among the most useful. With them, you can include an enticing web form or link to make it easy to join your list. All email marketing service providers offer web forms to enable quick, painless sign-ups to your list.

Just remember to ask for permission to add someone when exchanging information during in-person encounters. A good practice is to follow up immediately with a thank you, with a reminder to each one about that inclusion. Auto-responders are ideal for this purpose. We'll cover them in a later discussion.

Make Email List-Building a Top Priority

Building, maintaining and regularly using your list needs to be a high-priority activity. As you build your email marketing list, your contacts will grow, as will your ability to influence them. Don’t overlook the tremendous opportunities for building your successful art career by routinely using the effective email marketing tips you learned here.