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  How to Price Art Formulas & Calculators

There are many ways to calculate the price of your art.

The basic art pricing fundamentals from Alan Bamberger's excellent article titled Quantifying Creativity | How Any Artist Can Price Their Art for Sale:

Step 1: Define your market. Where do you sell your art? Do you sell locally, regionally, nationally or internationally? The art, artists, and prices in your market are the ones you should pay the most attention to.

Step 2: Define your type of art. What kind of art do you make? What are its physical characteristics? In what ways is it similar to other art? How do you categorize it? If you paint abstracts, for example, what kind of abstracts, how would you describe them? This is the type of art that you want to generally focus on for comparison purposes.

Step 3: Determine which artists make art similar to yours either by researching online or visiting galleries, open studios or other venues and seeing their work in person. Pay particular attention to those artists who also have career accomplishments similar to yours, who've been making art about as long as you have, showing about as long as you have, selling about as long as you have and so on.

Step 4: See how much these similar artists charge for their art. Their prices will be good initial estimates of the prices you should charge for your art.

Here are three of the most popular methods of pricing art.

  1. Square Inch x Dollar Pricing
  2. (Hourly Wage × Hours Spent) + Cost of Materials
  3. Linear Inch (Height + Width) × Multiplier

The field with RED numbers indicate you can change the value in the field. Enter your desired numbers and hit "Enter." If you accidentally type in a field with BLACK numbers you will need to refresh your browser. Remember to double your figures where indicated if you are selling through galleries at 50% of retail.