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  Artist's Annual Income & Pricing Calculator

How to Use the Annual Income & Pricing Calculator

The field with RED numbers indicates you can change the value in the field. Enter your desired numbers and hit "Enter." If you accidentally type in a field with BLACK numbers you will need to refresh your browser.

  1. Enter your desired annual income
  2. Enter your Federal, and State (if applicable) income tax rates
  3. Only change the FICA / Medicare field if you don't pay this tax
  4. Enter your monthly expenses in appropriate fields. Use the miscellaneous field for all other monthly expenses
  5. Enter your annual business and marketing costs. Use the miscellaneous field for all unnoted annual expenses
  6. Enter your average materials cost per piece
  7. Enter your shipping costs per piece
  8. Enter your projected number of pieces sold annually
  9. Press Enter

While your expenses count, your most important variables are your desired annual income and your projected annual sales. Those figures determine your Minimum Net Wholesale Price Per Piece Required. In other words, those two figures determine what you need to set as a minimum price to achieve your income goals.

(Refresh your browser to reset to start over and return to default settings)